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Tuition Refund Policy
Late cancellations prevent us from filling your place in the class. Because our classes are so small, even one cancellation has quite a large impactAny person wishing to cancel their enrollment in the Advanced ECG Interpretation Boot Camp up to 15 days prior to the start of the class will be entitled to a full tuition refund less the credit card processing fee which is $70.00. This does not pertain to those cancelling less than 15 days prior to the start of the class. This policy applies only to those purchasing tuition after September 1, 2019. From 8 to 14 days before the commencement of the event, the buyer is entitled to a 50% refund. Beginning 7 days before the event, the buyer will not be entitled to any refund. The buyer may, however, choose to reschedule the desired course for a later date. If the tuition fee should rise in the interim, the buyer will be responsible for paying the tuition increase. A buyer may reschedule only once before forfeiting the tuition. Medicus of Houston will have 10 business days after the receipt of the cancellation notice to issue the refund.

Payment by Check
If you have paid by check, your money can be refunded only after our bank has confirmed the transfer of funds into our account. This applies to cashier’s checks and certified bank checks as well as personal checks. We accept checks only for the exact amount of the tuition fee. All checks must be in US currency and drawn on US banks.

Course Cancellation
We reserve the right to cancel a class becuase of (but not limited to) weather conditions, travel restrictions, political unrest and failure to reach a required minimum of participants in the class. If a course is canceled, 100% of the tuition will be refunded. Medicus of Houston cannot be held liable for non-refundable airline tickets or hotel reservations. We strongly encourage you to purchase travel insurance whenever you travel.

Guests and Children
Children and non-enrolled guests are not allowed in the conference room while the lectures or workshops are in progress. There will be no exceptions.

Removal from the Class
All participants are expected to conduct themselves courteously and professionally toward the instructors and the other participants during our courses. Anyone who fails to conduct him- or herself in a professional, courteous manner will be removed from the class, by hotel or building security if necessary. There will be no tuition refund.

Late Payment
Payment is due at the time of registration. We typically extend a 7-day grace period to those who elect to pay by a check drawn on a US-based bank. However, tuition fees are based on the date the payment was postmarked - not the date of registration! Registering prior to the deadline for the reduced tuition does not qualify for the reduced tuition if the payment is postmarked after the reduced tuition cut-off date. The tuition increases by $200 beginning 7 days before the start of the class. This applies to all levels of discounted tuition.

Late Registration
If space is available, we will do our best to accommodate anyone registering at the last moment. Payment of the tuition must be completed before the first session begins. We cannot accept personal checks less than 10 days before the starting date of the course, but we will accept credit/debit card payments (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diner’s Club, JCB). Please note: Enrollees should confirm the tuition cost and make arrangements for late payments with our office prior to leaving for the seminar. We do not accept cash payments! Credit/debit card payments can be made over the phone but not on-site.

Visa Letters of Invitation
We do not issue visa letters of invitation unless the person has enrolled in the class which includes full payment of the tuition. If the visa is not granted (or not granted in time to attend the class), the enrollee will be entitled to a refund based on the refund policies listed above or may instead elect to transfer the payment to a subsequent class at a later date.

Rescheduling of Boot Camps
If you are unable to attend the boot camp at the last moment, you do not immediately forfeit your tuition payment. You may reschedule for a later boot camp one time only and not pay any additional fees.

Medicus of Houston does not accept funding from any outside sources inclusive of medical and pharmaceutical companies nor does it have any financial interest in any medical or pharmaceutical companies. We have no disclosures. We are not affiliated with Medicus Insurance, Medicus CME or Symposia Medicus.

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