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Join us in Rome for the last

Advanced ECG Interpretation Boot Camp
of 2019!

Rome, Italy

October 28 - 31, 2019 

Come join us in the Eternal City - Rome! Attend the most unique ECG learning experience in the world and then enjoy the sights, sounds, culture and cuisine that is Rome! Class size is limited to just 20 participants and registration is open world-wide so don't wait too long to enroll! Take advantage of small class sizes and the ability to ask questions of an internationally recognized expert.

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Don't Delay!

Just a reminder that our classes ("boot camps") are very small - only 10 to 20 participants. Don't wait until the last minute to enroll because you may miss a great opportunity!

Group Discounts

We do offer tuition discounts for groups of 3 - 5 participants and even greater discounts for groups of 6 or more participants. For groups or organizations that want a private, 4-day boot camp please call Jerry W. Jones, MD at 001-713-931-5423 to learn how to obtain "buy-out" pricing! For those in the U.K., call +44 800 011 9654 (M-F, 3 pm - 11 pm GMT).


New in 2020!

The Advanced ECG Interpretation Boot Camp is changing its name. Beginning in 2020, it will be known as A Masterclass in Advanced Electrodardiography! It will still be the same class that has proved so popular the world over but there will be two differences...

First, A Masterclass in Advanced Electrocardiography will be scheduled only ONCE in 2020. The class size will be limited to twenty (20) participants just as before. And all participants will be able to ask questions whenever they want. There will still be active participation by everyone in the interpretation and analysis of complex ECGs while being guided by the instructor. We will still offer 28.0 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits and the tuition will remain the same. It will also be available as a private presentation to groups and organizations.

Second, if the Masterclass in Advanced Electrocardiography is held in Houston, the class will be limited to twenty (20) participants just as it is outside Houston.

We will still offer the same group discounts as before and returning participants will receive a 50% discount in the enrollment fee each time they retake the course.

So... what happened to the Advanced ECG Interpretation Boot Camp? It isn't going away! It will still be be offered at regular intervals, but... if you suspect that there is going to be something very different and exciting about it - you are absolutely correct! The news will be announced in early December.

Advanced Dysrhythmia Boot Camp

The Advanced Dysrhythmia Boot Camp is currently being completely redesigned and rewritten. It will be a three-day course and will be open for enrollment in the late spring/early summer of 2020.

This class will be strictly limited to just 20 participants and it is anticipated that it will be presented two or three times per year.

There will be no other course offered like it anywhere in the world!

Be assured that when we at Medicus of Houston label a curriculum as "advanced" it is truly advanced. Most "advanced" courses offered via the internet - whether live or on-line - are not actually advanced! Instead, they just rehash the same basic material found in all the beginners' textbooks.

In the rhythm strip above, there is group beating. This always suggests a Mobitz I AV block, though other dysrhythmias can also cause group beating. This is, however, a true Mobitz I AV block. That alone is NOT an advanced concept. But can you tell me which P wave failed to conduct?

Go to the Contact Us page of this website and send me your thoughts. Don't just guess! Tell me which P wave failed to conduct and why you think it is that particular P wave. I will send you the answer and the reasoning behind it. Although this is a very advanced rhythm strip, it is included in the Advanced ECG Interpretation Boot Camp as well as the Advanced Dysrhythmia Boot Camp. Then decide if you could use some advanced training!

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