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Speaker Services                            

Dr. Jones is available on a limited basis for local speaking engagements for medical groups and organizations. This service is complimentary with the understanding that he may distribute flyers and/or business cards at the meeting regarding the courses offered at Medicus of Houston. The talks range from 15 to 30 minutes. Academic lectures last up to an hour. He will have no disclosures.

There is a list of complimentary prepared topics (see below) regarding ECG interpretation and complex rhythm analysis. Custom topics can be prepared, though there is a charge for custom speaker services.

Guest academic lectures for medical schools and residency programs are complimentary and can be scheduled pending Dr. Jones’s availability (within the Greater Houston area only).

Medicus of Houston does not provide financial sponsorship of  luncheons or dinners.

Complimentary Prepared Topics (Houston, TX venues only!)

12-Lead Surface ECG Interpretation

1. Lead aVL - A Plaintiff Attorney’s Best Friend!

2. Lead III - Understanding Why It Does What It Does

3. So You Think You Understand Wenckebach Conduction…?

4. The 12-Lead ECG and the Lung

5. Just Because Some Q Waves Are Bad Doesn’t Mean ALL Q Waves Are Bad!

6. Is This ECG Worth Reading? Recognizing Technical Faux-Pas

Advanced Dysrhythmia Analysis

1. So You Think You Understand Third Degree AV Block…?

2. New Concepts of AV Nodal Reentry

3. Ectopy versus Aberrancy

4. Acceleration-Dependent Aberrancy and the Paradox of the Ashman Phenomenon (Very Advanced)

5. How Do YOU Recognize Atrial Fibrillation? A Few Surprises...

Custom lectures and talks incur a speaker’s fee. Contact Jerry W. Jones, MD to discuss all specially-prepared lectures.