The Most Important Topics of Paramedic ECG Interpretation: Dysrhythmias

A full day of tachycardias! Become proficient in recognizing the different types of narrow complex tachycardias and why some do not respond to adenosine, verapamil or even electrical cardioversion. For a paramedic ECG interpretation can seem a bit intimidating. We think you should feel more confident when confronted by a wide complex tachycardia or a very rapid narrow-complex tachycardia. Learn why some ventricular tachycardias present no immediate threat to the patient while others can present with a narrow complex instead of a wide complex.

The Most Important Topics of Paramedic ECG Interpretation: Acute Myocardial Infarction

Learn to recognize the earliest signs of ischemia. Become proficient at anticipating impending complications. Develop more confidence in recognizing the subtlest signs of reciprocal changes. Understand why some infarction patterns just don't seem to be as typical or diagnostic as you would expect them to be. Understand why the criteria for thrombolysis are very bad criteria for the diagnosis of acute epicardial ischemia (STEMI).

The Advanced Paramedic ECG Boot Camp is a 2-day class that focuses on the two most important electrocardiographic issues confronting paramedic ECG interpretation - dysrhythmias and acute epicardial ischemia (myocardial infarctions).

The course will be available this fall. Continuing education credits are being arranged at this time. All classes will be taught by Jerry W. Jones, MD - an internationally recognized expert in electrocardiography.

Check back from time to time as we update our progress.

The projected cost of tution will be $749.00 which will include a course manual, ECG calipers, a magnifying lens and transparent straight rule. For groups of three or more, the tuition will be $649.00 per person.