Does the thought of a complicated dysrhythmia intimidate you?

Would you like to feel more comfortable distinguishing the different types of wide complex tachycardias?

Do all narrow-complex tachycardias look the same to you?

Are you confused by unexplained pauses and QRS complexes appearing in unexpected places?

Is there any benefit to distinguishing the narrow complex tachycardias when they are typically treated the same way?

Many dysrhythmias have names: atrial flutter, ventricular tachycardia, accelerated idioventricular rhythm. The very complex dysrhythmias have no names because they are usually formed by combinations of dysrhythmias, conduction delays or blocks. These are the dysrhythmias that are the focus of this boot camp.

The Advanced Dysrhythmia Boot Camp addresses all those concerns and more! The topic is very complex. Completion of the Advanced ECG Interpretation Boot Camp or Masterclass in Advanced Electrocardiography (or similar skill level) is strongly recommended.

This is NOT an entry-level dysrhythmia course.

This boot camp is ideal for critical care specialties as well as cardiology, emergency medicine and anesthesiology.

The NEW! Advanced Dysrhythmia Boot Camp has been expanded to a four-day course with an all-new curriculum. It will debut here in Houston, Texas in mid-September 2020.

The tuition for the Advanced Dysrhythmia Boot Camp is $1649.00 per person. For groups of 3 - 5 participants, the fee is $1449.00 and for 6 or more participants the fee is just $1249.00. For more information, please contact Jerry W. Jones, MD at 713/931-5423 or by email at

Let me be very clear...
There will be no other course like it offered - anywhere in the world!

CME Credit

CME credit has been applied for and will be in place by late April 2021.

The class schedule is being adjusted weekly in response to pandemic restrictions. We will be resuming classes as soon as restrictions are relaxed. Don't worry! We will not be discontinuing any classes.

Most medical meetings and educational seminars take place in large auditoriums with a number of famous or popular speakers and a multitude of slides. A presentation is finished... but you have a couple of questions. Unfortunately, the speaker has just left the facility. The next speaker prepares for the next topic. And so on and so on... Questions are accumulating, but no opportunities for getting answers. That evening, back in your hotel room, you try looking at some rhythm strips and applying what you learned during the lectures. It made sense then, but now - when you try to use that knowledge - you feel lost… and you’re left with even more questions than before. If you only had someone there to help you… Well, you do! The instructor is available by phone or email until 10 pm each evening or we can address the issue the following morning before class.

At Medicus of Houston we understand your frustration. The Advanced Dysrhythmia Boot Camp is limited to a maximum of thirty (30) participants. You will have the same instructor throughout the course and you will have plenty of time to ask questions and even receive some individual attention. If you didn’t really grasp one of the concepts presented, don’t worry… we can go back over it with you. The boot camp is held in a comfortable hotel conference room and the ambiance is casual.